Verify Mark (V Mark)

Every Identifier will have a V Mark where you can find the updates / modifications on every Identifier. You can find the date and time on which the modification has been made. This V Mark will get generated automatically for every Identifier namely ADiV, BDiV, BCDiV, and CDiV. Collectively we are calling them as V Mark but specifically, by considering the Identifier, we are calling them as ADiV, BDiV, BCDiV, and CDiV.


V Mark

Specific Abbreviation for V Mark

ADi V Mark ADiv
BDi V Mark BDiv
BCDi V Mark BCDiv
CDi V Mark CDiv

Targeting area

It will get generated automatically along with the Identifiers. Therefore, it is focusing on the areas covering by the Identifiers.

Note: While searching the V Mark on our platform, please enter the ID and select the respective V Mark (ADiV, BDiV, BCDiV, and CDiV). You should not enter the complete URL of the V Mark.