About Us

ABCDiv is a modern digital identifier cum verifier which is managing by the ScienTechS organization. As we know that many identifiers and verifiers in the current industry are not focusing much, specifically, on many areas in the scientific, publishing and education sectors. But ABCDiv will cover most of the areas of the scientific, publishing and education sectors. It provides the digital identification cum verifier IDs for every record. With its unique identification and verification system, it is very easy to identify and verify the paper / record (i.e. journal paper, book, book chapter, etc).


Optimizations and amendments

Based on the suggestions from our advisory members and industry experts, we will optimize the existing features on the ABCDiv as well as we will focus on the development of new features.


How to send suggestions?

As main motto of the parent organization (ScienTechS) is the betterment of the current system in scientific, publishing and education sectors, we will give top priority to the suggestions from the advisory members and industry experts. You can send your suggestions to the [email protected].
Every month, we will have a meeting where your suggestions will be discussed. You also will get an update about the decision made on your suggestion(s) from our team.

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